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Malinca 1913

Malinca Chocolate hazelnut spread 200g

The most delicious spread made from hazelnut paste, coconut sugar and low-fat cocoa. When we developed a recipe for it in Malinca, we were all unanimous - no one has ever tried a better one.

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Heaven trapped in a pot…
Chocolate hazelnut spreads have gained truly mythical proportions over the years. They’ve become loyal companions of both jolly and sad moments. They stand by our side even at the simplest of occasions when something sweet and lovely is all we need.

Surely most of you have enjoyed the magic of easy Sunday mornings with pancakes topped with a big dollop of chocolate-hazelnut spread. Or chocolate extravaganza just for the love of it, scooped out on a spoon. Or with two spoons, with someone you love?…;)

Some of you may remember those moments when you just felt so drained, or stressed, or in tears and dipped in the jar for a therapeutic spoonful of that sweet creamy comfort with the taste of chocolate and hazelnuts…

True, such comfort is not always the healthiest choice, but we are all only humans and even such things can be forgiven ... given we mind what we eat other times.

But the pleasure doesn’t always have to be so sinful. Not all spreads are a sin, albeit sinfully delicious…

What problem do all lovers of chocolate-hazelnut spreads have in common?
That their spreads run out too quickly is a good answer, but more importantly, these spreads are often full of unnecessary oils, emulsifiers, even colours and unhealthy sugars.

Are such additives really needed to achieve that perfect creamy texture and taste?
In Malinca, we proved that it doesn't have to be that way. We used only three ingredients for our chocolate-hazelnut spread. These are delicious hazelnut paste, coconut sugar and low-fat cocoa. Yeah, that’s all it contains.

There is no milk, cereal or anything else in the spread. It is, therefore, suitable for absolutely everyone, including those who avoid dairy products and for those who swear by vegan products. With all the rich taste, however, you would never really guess that it contains only three ingredients.

And the result?
We have never tried anything so heavenly. The silky, gentle and extremely light texture, that glides across your palate and enchants all your taste buds with its sweet-creamy tenderness- believe me, your eyes will literally sparkle with excitement.

Malinca chocolate hazelnut spread is:

  • made from only three ingredients,
  • without refined sugars,
  • lactose-free
  • gluten-free,
  • palm oil-free.

Three ingredients for a rounded perfection of taste
The spread contains as much as 50 % hazelnuts, which gives it a pleasant full taste. It does not contain any additional oils, fats and milk, as hazelnuts themselves contain essential fatty acids and are also rich in other nutrients.

Since we didn’t want to add the usual white and refined sugar, we opted for a healthier and also much tastier option. With a subtle caramel note, we refined the spread by adding coconut sugar to it. And when we added the low-fat cocoa, the magic couldn’t help but erupt in the jar.

It is adored by the small and the tall.
On bread, with pancakes, in desserts or directly on the spoon - the fact that it will have you begging for more is inevitable. Loved by the small and the tall, we’re all delighted to have a chocolate-hazelnut spread with such a top-quality – almost a luxurious taste- in a slightly healthier option.

Use of Malinca chocolate hazelnut spread

Chocolate-hazelnut spread sits well with bread as well as pancakes and various desserts. From it we can prepare various cakes, muffins, add it to cookies, creams and other goodies your imagination can come up with. Packed in a cute and attractive jar, it will delight anyone and make a perfect, sweet and thoughtful gift.

Ingredients: Hazelnut paste (50 %), coconut sugar, low-fat cocoa (4.5 %).

The product may contain traces of other nuts, sesame, milk and soy. The product does not contain GMOs and their derivatives.

Net weight: 200 g

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Malinca chocolate-hazelnut spread contain gluten?
No, there are no cereals in Malinca spread, so it’s also suitable for those who want to go gluten-free.

Is Malinca chocolate-hazelnut spread suitable for diabetics?
The spread contains coconut sugar, which has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar, but it is still a type of sugar, so we advise anyone with diabetes to be careful and monitor their blood sugar regularly.

Does the spread contain palm oil?
The spread does not contain palm oil and neither does any other oil. It contains as much as 50 % hazelnuts, which already contain enough fat that no additional oil is necessary. This also makes it much tastier.

Can children enjoy it too?
The spread can also be enjoyed by children. Caution is advised in those who are allergic to nuts.

Nutrition Information Malinca Chocolate hazelnut spread 200g

Nutrition Information Per 100g

  • Energy value kJ/kcal
  • Fat g
  • of which saturates
  • Carbohydrates g
  • of which sugars g
  • Protein g
  • Salt g

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