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Choco-mix Pack

A selection of excellent chocolate products from Malinca with 86 % dark chocolate with stevia, 86 % dark chocolate with raspberries, an excellent chocolate hazelnut spread and Chocoporridge oatmeal with cocoa.



  • The most delicious spread made from hazelnut paste, coconut sugar and low-fat cocoa. When we developed a recipe for it in Malinca, we were all unanimous - no one has ever tried a better one.

  • Welcome to the world of the Chocoporridge Teddy. As Chocoporridge loves healthy food and wants his meals to taste good, he has the perfect meal for you, which will make all the kids go woo-hoo! Porridge and cocoa will make you go loco and since they’re organic your health’ll be titanic. Contains beta-glucans. Source of dietary fibre and source of protein.

  • Your new chocolate passion with as much as 86 % cocoa content and high dietary fibre content. Chocolate is sweetened with stevia and is also suitable for diabetics. Even the most demanding chocoholics will love it.

  • Your new chocolate passion with as much as 86 % cocoa content and the divine taste of raspberries. The combination of lyophilized raspberries and dark chocolate with stevia makes it suitable also for diabetics. So delicious that you’ll never forget it…

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Available on: 1/30/2023

Estimated delivery time: Thursday, 9. 2. 2023

Chocolate for breakfast, dinner and as a snack in between?
Why not. You don’t have to always fight those sweet-tooth cravings. We know that chocolate lust is very common, but…

There are healthier ways to deal with sugar rush…
Dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa can even be beneficial, which has been known for a long time. And also in Malinca we prepared two very delicious versions without refined sugars. And not only that…

Chocolate lovers will fall in love with the amazing chocolate hazelnut spread, which can compete with even the most prestigious ones, and children will be delighted by the Chocoporridge. Well, if we are honest, not only children because Chocoporridge is a real adult treat as well.

So, what will you find it the Choco-mic Pack?
A selection of four Malinca chocolate products, which can be a perfect chocolaty gift to yourself or for your loved ones.

1. Malinca 86 % dark chocolate with stevia
Exquisite dark chocolate, sweetened only with stevia, is completely natural and contains as much as 86 % cocoa. Its full taste convincingly meets the expectations of even the most demanding fans. Although chocolate does not contain milk, its texture is light and tender, and the sweet notes conjured by stevia pamper all the senses.

Chocolate is wrapped in lovely packaging, which makes it a charming gift. Because it melts beautifully, it is also indispensable in the kitchen as it will enrich many desserts.

2. Malinca 86 % dark chocolate with raspberries
In Malinca we have prepared another chocolate treat for all gourmets who can't resist dark chocolate with bits of fruit. Of course, we added our favourite - raspberries. To preserve their colour, nutrition and natural aroma, we added lyophilized raspberries. This means that they have been dried at a very low temperature and pressure, and this allowed to keep all the good that the raspberries contain.

Chocolate with raspberries is a true sensation, which can also be a very nice gift, while pink raspberries will go well with various desserts, and the chocolate-raspberry harmony will offer a touch of a completely new dimension.

3. Malinca Chocolate hazelnut spread
In Malinca, we proved that chocolate hazelnut spreads can be more health and body-friendly. We used only three ingredients for our chocolate hazelnut spread. A delicious hazelnut paste, coconut sugar and reduced-fat cocoa are all there is. There is no milk, grains, palm oil or anything else in the spread. The silky, gentle and extremely spreadable texture, which glides across the tongue, will ignite all your taste buds with its sweet-creamy tenderness and believe me - your eyes will sparkle with excitement.

It’s perfect on a piece of toast as well as on pancakes and various desserts. We can add it to various cakes, muffins, cookies, creams and other delicacies. As it comes in a nice and lovely jar, it can also be a perfect, sweet and thoughtful gift.

4. Malinca Organic Chocoporridge
We haven't forgotten about the youngest ones either. There are already quite a few parents of toddlers in Malinca who were looking for a healthier alternative to various sugar-filled porridges from shops. They set off on a quest of finding the best ingredients together with the Chocoporridge Teddy, and they came up with a recipe for oatmeal with cocoa Chocoporridge. It is a porridge made from organic ingredients, which contains fine oatmeal, raw cocoa Criollo, a bit of coconut sugar and a pinch of glucomannan, which makes the porridge fluffy and even more delicious.

As the Chocoporridge Teddy likes to say: ''For a morning of play and sharp mind that will stay, a bowl of Chocoporridge will make your day." As we like to have a sharp mind, and can’t resist the heavenly taste, we, too, start our day with a bowl of Chocoporridge.

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