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Pink Latte Mix 125g

Glamorous treat for anyone looking to enhance their regular coffee time with a creamy and fruity Pink Latte Mix, which also gives a gentle energy boost.   Improved formula in new packaging. 

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Get ready for glamour in a cup

Let’s be honest, taking a moment for yourself while enjoying a cup of coffee, cappuccino or tea is a delight for your soul and senses. Did you know that you can pamper your senses on various levels, adding a magical touch of glamour to the already delicious treat and thus elevating your coffee ritual into a unique aesthetic experience and creating a sense of wellbeing?

And how can this be achieved?

By indulging in an extremely delicious Pink Latte Mix that will add a touch of luxury to each cup, taking you on a wellbeing journey that not even a thousand Instagram photos can give justice to. The best things can be distinguished by their superior taste and the seductive Pink Latte Mix will surely not let you down.

Surprise combined with pleasure - are you ready?

If you are careful about what you consume, you will be reassured by the fat that your new pink treat is completely natural, as it contains no artificial coloring agents or additives. Nevertheless, it is like a delicate pink cloud that will enchant you with its creamy coconut and raspberry flavor.

Pink Latte Mix is:

  • vegan
  • ready to use
  • a Slovenian product
  • Caffeine free

What gives the drink its charismatic pink color?

The beautiful pink colour is the result of the charismatic and widely loved raspberries, which give the Pink Latte mix most of its delicious taste...

The raspberries have been added in the form of raspberry juice powder with the addition of pure natural raspberry aroma. Both make for a great raspberry flavour that blends harmoniously into a delicate pink experience.

It is the sensual and wonderful pink color that will probably convince you to pick up your phone and snap a chic photo for your Facebook wall or Instagram story. Such a photogenic coffee makes it so hard to resist, doesn’t it?

Your friends won’t be able to resist it either

This attractive drink is the perfect choice for a catch-up over coffee, regardless of the season. It is a perfect fit for any cup and great for everyone trying to break their coffee routine with something sweeter and more colorful. Coffee dates with friends will become even more special and despite the color, even men won’t be able to (or want to) resist its delicious taste.

What other ingredients does the pink drink contain?

Because you can never have too much of a good thing, the Pink Latte Mix also contains lyophilized beets, which further enhance the colorful nature of raspberries and accentuate the wonderful color of this sexy beverage. Fret not, you cannot taste the beet in the drink AT ALL.

Sweetness is provided by caramel crystals of coconut sugar, while organic coconut milk gives the drink its rich creamy texture, enveloping the senses in luxurious velvety softness. And since coffee is not a coffee without an energy boost, we added a special component that provides positive energy - organic maca, a Peruvian tuber plant that used to be enjoyed by the warriors to give them invincible energy and power. The Pink Latte Mix will surely bring a permanent smile to your face, as the combination of a glamorous flavor, positive energy and the rich creamy texture will provide a completely new experience of drinking coffee and latte beverages.  

Using the Pink Latte Mix

Put 2 teaspoons of Pink Latte Mix powder into a cup and pour over 150 ml hot water or cow or plant milk (80 °C). Alternatively, use half milk and half water. Mix well and enjoy the glamorous pink beverage. You can add extra sweetener if desired.  Pink Latte Mix can also be used in desserts (fillings, puddings, cream) and smoothies to give a lovely pink color.  One pack suffices for approximately 20 cups of the pink latte drink. The mixture is pink in color with some small white lumps - the lumps are coconut milk powder that dissolves in contact with a liquid. 

Ingredients: Coconut milk powder (coconut milk, corn maltodextrin, modified food starch from corn), coconut sugar*, maca powder*, raspberry juice powder (concentrated raspberry juice, maltodextrin) (3,2 %), freeze-dried beetroot powder, natural raspberry flavour (1,6 %)
*organically produced

Storage: Store in a dark and dry place. Seal the packaging well after use.  

Contents: 125g

Made in EU. 

The most frequently asked questions 

How do I prepare the Pink Latte Mix?

Pour 200ml water over 2 teaspoons of Pink Latte Mix. You can also combine 100ml water and 100ml milk (preferably coconut milk). It all depends on personal taste.

How much caffeine does it have?

Pink Latte Mix does not contain caffeine; energy is provided by maca, which has a different mechanism of action to support energy. It is popular among athletes to increase endurance.

Can Pink Latte Mix be enjoyed in the evening?

As maca affects alertness, Pink Latte Mix is not recommended in the evening.

What does Pink Latte Mix taste like?

The taste is subtly fruity, combining a sweet raspberry flavor and creamy coconut milk, which adds a velvety touch. The taste of beets cannot be detected AT ALL.

Does the Pink Latte Mix contain sugar?

The Pink Latte Mix only contains organic coconut sugar.

From what age onwards can Pink Latte Mix be enjoyed?

It is suitable for anyone over 14 years.

Can it also be consumed by pregnant and nursing women?

Because it contains maca, which affects the regulation of hormones, it is not advisable that pregnant and nursing women regulary enjoy the Pink Latte Mix.

Is it suitable for diabetics?

Because it contains coconut sugar, it is not recommended for diabetics.

What is corn maltodextrin and what is modified corn starch?

Corn maltodextrin is derived from corn starch and does not contain gluten. Corn is a great source of energy. Corn maltodextrin is derived from tapioca starch and is a thickening agent. Since it is a carbohydrate, it also provides a mild sweetness. Modified corn starch is also a thickening agent and is made by heating or adding corn starch enzymes.

Is the Pink Latte Mix also available in physical stores?

Pink Latte Mix is also available at all 88 DM drugstores across Slovenia, at Maxi market Mercator in Ljubljana and at Čas za kavo store in Ljubljana. 

Nutrition Information Pink Latte Mix 125g

Nutrition Information Per 100g

  • Energy value kJ/kcal
  • Fat g
  • of which saturates
  • Carbohydrates g
  • of which sugars g
  • Protein g
  • Salt g

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