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2848 Super-coffee Package

For all coffee lovers, we prepared a package of coffees that will boost your energy and concentration. Matcha Latte Mix, Pink Latte Mix and Maca Coffee Mix are waiting for you. 



  • Glamorous treat for anyone looking to enhance their regular coffee time with a creamy and fruity Pink Latte Mix, which also gives a gentle energy boost.

  • The Matcha Latte Mix will make sure you are alert and have a positive outlook. Each cup of the unique green beverage is like a cup of love ushering you into the new day.

  • Organic Maca Coffee Mix is a replacement for real coffee and other artificial energy drinks. Contains maca, raw cocoa and organic coconut sugar. For approximately 30 coffees.

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When you want more than just coffee...

Alternative coffees Malinca in pink, green or chocolate colour is everything you looking for. Coffee flavours will boost your energy that lasts longer than regular coffee but at the same time will gently caress your soul. 

Struggling with the decision which one you want to try? We made it easy for you and packed all the tougher for you:

1. Organic Matcha Latte Mix
Matcha latte mix is a healthy coffee substitude that surprise consumer with its unique green colour and high content of antioxidants. Organic Matcha Latte is mix of organic Japanese matcha, organic coconut sugar and organic coconut milk. 

Matcha latte mix provides energy because it contains caffeine, but does not cause a rapid rise in energy and a subsequent crash, because it contains L-theanine (a calming amino acid).

Matcha used to be enjoyed by monks when meditating, as it made it easier to maintain the proper level of relaxation and focus. Matcha tea has become a prized drink at Japanese ceremonies, where it is prepared a special cup with a bamboo whisk used to dissolve the powder in water and froth the milk. Matcha tea was also enjoyed by the samurai, who drank it before fights to get the necessary energy. 

Usage: Put 1 teaspoon of Matcha latte mix powder into a cup and pour over 150 ml hot water or cow or plant milk (80 °C).

2. Pink Latte Mix
Pink Latte Mix is fist Malinca product that contains raspberries which gives this coffee substitute unique and seductive pink colour. It's a mix of lyophilized raspberries, a pinch of beetroot (just for colour, you can't taste it). The creamy texture is due to coconut milk and coconut sugar, for gentle energy lift is responsible maca root.

It's 100% natural coffee substitute without any colour or flavour additives thas seduce the consumer with its pink colour and fruit-creamy flavour. It doesn't' contain any caffeine, its easy to use and vegan.

This attractive drink is the perfect choice for a catch-up over coffee, regardless of the season. It is a perfect fit for any cup and great for everyone trying to break their coffee routine with something sweeter and more colourful. Coffee dates with friends will become even more special and despite the colour, even men won’t be able to (or want to) resist its delicious taste.

Usage: Put 2 teaspoons of Pink Latte Mix powder into a cup and pour over 150 ml hot water or cow or plant milk (80 °C). Alternatively, use half milk and half water. Mix well and enjoy the glamorous pink beverage. You can add extra sweetener if desired.  Pink Latte Mix can also be used in desserts (fillings, puddings, cream) and smoothies to give a lovely pink colour. 

3. Organic Maca Coffee Mix
For ultimate relaxation, you can always relay on organic Maca Coffe Mix. Delicious chocolate flavour will satisfy all chocoholics and cacao lovers out there. Even more gratifying fact is that coffee effect is archived without any caffeine. 

Organic Maca Coffe is a mix of raw organic cacao Criollo, organic oconut sugar which gives the drink its caramel flavour and organic maca root, guilty for rising the level of energy. Maca is grown at an altitude of over 4000 meters above sea level, where its tubers are harvested by hand. It is an extremely resistant and hardy plant that has had to adapt to various weather conditions, and such plants always have positive effects on the human body. Maca is a real asset as it invigorates the body and mind.

Usage: Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of Maca Coffee Mix with 100 to 200ml of hot water or milk (cow, oat, rice, almond,..) and mix well.  A warm or cold drink can be prepared. If required, use additional coconut sugar or other natural sweetener to sweeten. You can also add the mix to cereal, yogurt or smoothies.  

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