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Organic Shea Butter 60g

Organic shea butter has an especially pleasant and delicate texture. It allows a smooth application without scratching out of the packaging. It is 100% natural, unrefined, additive-free and has a natural shea nut scent. It provides generous skin care. The product is certified CosmEthically ACTIVE.

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Shea butter is obtained from hand-picked nuts of the shea tree found in the savannas of West Africa. In Africa, it has been used for millennia to moisturize skin that would otherwise dry out in strong sun and wind.

Unmatched moisturizing properties

Shea butter was already used by the Egyptian queen Nefertiti for beauty purposes. It is said that the queen owed her beauty and youthful appearance to this butter, which is a testament to its magnificence.   

Malinca's Shea Butter is a very special butter because it is softened using a special process that gives it a very soft and fluffy texture. This process allows the shea butter to retain all its natural characteristics, but at the same time it makes it much more user-friendly.

Shea butter prepared in this way has a softer, fluffier texture that is much easier to apply to the skin, and scratching from the jar is finally a thing of the past...

Shea Butter Malinca is also:

  • 100% natural: no perfumes, no parabens, no coloring agents.
  • 100% pure, unrefined 
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan

Occasionally, natural shea butter is slightly grainy due to crystallization of stearic essential fatty acid, which features in vegetable fat in varying proportions. This creates thickness, meaning the more stearic fatty acid a butter contains, the thicker it is (e.g. cocoa butter has a higher proportion than shea butter and is thus harder).  Stearic acid crystallizes slightly according to external conditions – cooling time, atmospheric temperature during transport, etc. The process is natural and similar to crystallization of honey. Upon warming (contact with warm skin), crystals dissolve again. The crystallization itself affects only the appearance (structure) of the butter and not its qualities and properties, which remain completely unaffected.  

Natural shea butter also has a characteristic nutty scent that you can adjust to your liking by adding a couple of drops of essential oil. 

First aid for your skin!

The most versatile product for skin care and making homemade cosmetics. It can be used for dry and sensitive skin, as well as for rough, irritated and scaly skin. It is also a welcome addition to your travel bag.  

Using organic shea butter

  • For lips 
  • For dry and rough skin on the elbows and soles of feet
  • In pregnancy
  • For damaged skin: Scabs, scars, burns, frostbite, insect bites – apply the butter three times a day.
  • For sensitive baby skin: Use for nappy rash or on the body. Excellent face care for babies in all weather conditions.

Ingredients (INCI): 100% Organic shea butter - unrefined   (Butyrospermum Parkii Butter) 

Contents: 60g

Responsible person: ZIN d.o.o., Gabrje pri Ilovi Gori 15, 1290 Grosuplje, Slovenia, EU
Registered name: Biopark Cosmetics® - Ekološko karite maslo 60 g - Organic Shea Butter 60 ml

ORGANIC – the label means that the product contains at least 95 % organic ingredients (the products with this label must fulfil strict EU conditions). 

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