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Organic Maca in capsules (90 capsules)

Organic maca in capsules in gelatinized form, which allows an even better absorption of the nutrients of this prized Peruvian tuber, which provided strength, energy and endurance to the ancient Incas.

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Is its reputation justified?

People in the Andes have been growing maca for thousands of years. The tuber with a slightly nutty and earthy taste is used in cooking, but also as a special dietary supplement due to its properties.

In recent years, maca's reputation has led to it appearing more and more frequently on shop shelves around the world.

The fact that more and more people are actually using it, even though many claim that the taste is not exactly pleasant, is proof that its reputation is justified. When you are taking something that might not be exactly to your liking in terms of taste, that's when you know that what is being said is not exactly unfounded ...

Reputation that has lasted through the ages ...

Legend has it that the Inca warriors used to ingest maca before battles. They saw maca as a symbol of strength, endurance and masculinity and rumours about the exact effect it had on the warriors as well as the womenfolk continue to this day ...

Maca is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are plants with the ability to adapt to the environment in which they grow. They adapt to stressful conditions in the wild and thus develop special properties. Maca can survive at extreme altitudes, which is a testament to its resilience to stress and harsh conditions, as well as the strength it needs to have. All these characteristics are reflected in its prevalence and use.

An ally of women and men

Today, maca is being embraced by young girls as well as women in menopause, those looking for a coffee replacement, athletes, students during exam periods and those who want to take care of themselves as naturally as possible.

Maca is thus loved by men and women alike. It is often used in beverages that replace coffee. It is also found in Malinca coffees. Maca is also called Peruvian ginseng – the two plants are not related, but some parallels can be drawn because of their benefits.

For robust youth and vibrant old age

It could be said that many men and women take maca both in their youth and in old age. In all life stages, it can be an indispensable supplement for many and, although used more as a spice than a foodstuff, it certainly spices up life ... ;)

Gelatinized maca or regular maca powder?

Maca is often found in powder form, but since it is often recommended to take it at least somewhat heat treated, and since the taste is not very pleasant to many, we at Malinca have decided to make maca easier to take ...

At Malinca, we have now packaged maca in capsules and we have opted for the gelatinized form.

This does not mean that the maca is in the form of gelatine, but that it has been heat treated to break down the starch, which makes it easier to consume and digest for many.

Malinca maca is:

  • vegan,
  • organic,
  • in easy-to-take capsules. 

Locals in Peru eat maca up to three times a day, usually boiled or roasted like potatoes. Dried and ground into a powder, it is used in baking or cooked into a special porridge. Maca is also used to make a special fermented drink called "chicha de maca".

But you don't have to do all that, since you can enjoy all the benefits of maca by taking two capsules of Malinca maca daily with some water. Simple, but so highly effective ...

Using organic maca in capsules

The recommended daily amount is 2 capsules (1000 mg) taken with some water. Because of its energy-boosting effect, it is best taken in the morning.

Ingredients: Organic gelatinized maca (Lepidium meyenii) powder, capsule (hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, vegetable origin).

1 capsule = 500 mg organic gelatinized maca powder (5: 1).*
*500 mg of gelatinized maca powder is equivalent to 2500 mg of regular maca powder.

Warning: The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. The dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children!

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place and do not expose to direct light or heat.

Net quantity: 90 capsules 
Produced in EU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does maca in capsules have the same effect as maca powder?

Maca in capsules has the same effect as maca powder. Because it is gelatinized, it should be even easier to digest. Maca powder should be heat treated, while maca in capsules has already been treated with the process of gelatinization.

How much maca in capsules do I need to consume for it to be equivalent to consuming maca powder?

1 capsule contains 500 mg organic gelatinized maca powder (5: 1).*
*500 mg of gelatinized maca powder is equivalent to 2500 mg of regular maca powder.

Is maca safe for all?

People with thyroid issues are advised to consume maca with caution, as they should avoid cruciferous vegetables, which include maca. This is because this group of vegetables contains substances called goitrogens, which can interfere with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. It is also contraindicated in cases of breast and uterine cancer, myoma or fibroids and high hormonal sensitivity.

Can maca be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women?

As there is a lack of research on this matter and maca is believed to affect hormones, we generally do not recommend that maca is taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, it is advised that both women and men take it during the period when they are trying to conceive.

From what age onwards can maca be taken?

Maca can be taken from the age of 14. It is especially popular with young girls with a yet irregular menstrual cycle.

Can maca be taken with other dietary supplements?

It is an adaptogen that can also be taken in combination with other dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals. It is not known to have an affect on any medicines.

Does maca affect the efficacy of contraceptive pills?

More studies are needed to find out whether maca may affect the efficacy of contraceptives. Current research shows that there is no direct interference with estrogen or testosterone. Some trials have shown an improvement in fertility, so in light of these findings, we recommend that you do not take maca if you are taking contraceptive pills.

Can I take maca capsules on an empty stomach?

Maca can also be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as it is in gelatinized form, which means that the starch that causes issues to some is broken down and thus easier to digest.

Can I overdose on maca?

In principle, it is not possible to overdose on maca, as it is used as food in Peru. However, we advise you to stick to the recommended dose and not exceed it.

Is maca also suitable for men?

Maca is definitely suitable for men, although it is often used by women. Inca warriors were also men, and even today there is no reason why men could not benefit from taking maca.

Can I take maca continuously or do I need to take a break?

Most of the compounds in maca are water-soluble, so they are excreted in urine.  Up to 3 g a day can be taken for at least 4 months at a time. Malinca capsules contain 1 gram or 1000 milligrams, which is also a sufficient amount, and can be taken for a longer period of time. If necessary, a one-month break can be taken every 6 months.

How long do I need to take maca to see results?

It is a good idea to take maca for at least a month to start seeing results.

If I can't swallow the capsule, can open it and drink the contents?

If you have trouble swallowing the whole capsule, you can also open it and only drink the contents.

ORGANIC – the label means that the product contains at least 95 % organic ingredients (the products with this label must fulfil strict EU conditions). 

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