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The EURO-LEAF certificate is one of the most frequently used certificates, which certifies that the food is from organic (organic) production. The certificate gives us full assurance that the goods we buy are produced in full compliance with the EU's organic farming regulation or, in the case of imported goods, with an equivalent or stricter set of regulations. In addition, the eco-label cannot be used on food containing GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

The production and sale of organic food with labels on the EU market follow a strict certification process that is mandatory for all. This way, consumers who buy EU-labelled foods can trust that:

  • at least 95 % of the product's agricultural ingredients have been produced organically,
  • the product meets the regulations of the official control system,
  • the product came in sealed packaging directly from the producer, processor or preparer,
  • the product bears the name of the producer, processor, preparer or trader and the name and code of the inspection body.
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