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2720 Organic Flakes Mix 500g

The flake mix for a healthy and nutritious start to the day contains organic rice, oats, rye and barley flakes.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and your body will certainly be grateful if you make cereal your breakfast of choice. The slightly boring exterior houses great, nutrient-dense cereals. 

The flake mix is a true nutrient power house

The flake mix for a nutritious start to the day contains organic rice, oats, rye and barley flakes.

Spelt - Slovenian rice

Spelt is an ancient type of wheat that is considered as one of the ancient grains. It use was first recorded 9,000 years ago and it has been regarded as a treasure trove of health across Europe and Asia. Spelt has a double husk that cannot be removed only by threshing, but requires a special removal process.

Spelt flakes are made from whole spelt grains, making them a rich and nutritious breakfast.

  • High in protein and fats
  • A rich source of minerals 

Oats - once a weed, now a superfood!

Oat flakes are compressed oat grains. Oat is a cereal that has been cultivated for 3000 years, which is a relatively short period. Oat is thus one of the plants that has started to be cultivated by man in more recent times. At first, oat was considered a weed, but at the end of the Bronze Age, when the climate changed dramatically, it experienced a real boom.

Today, oats are again gaining in popularity, especially with those who want to eat a balanced diet or avoid wheat.

  • Very high in fiber
  • Excellent source of protein
  • Low in calories
  • They contain less sugar than other flakes 

Barley - not just for stews

Barley, which is used to make barley flakes, is a very old grain that supposedly originated in Ethiopia and southwest Asia, where it has been grown over 7000 years ago. While it has a nutritional profile similar to wheat, it can withstand much harsher weather conditions. Due to their unique nutritional profile, barley flakes are a great nutritious and delicious breakfast, and can also be used in baking.

  • High energy value
  • High in chlorophyll
  • Low glycemic index
  • Becomes slimy during cooking, which is useful for digestion.

Rye - forgotten treasure

Rye originated as a wild plant in central and eastern Turkey, spreading throughout central Europe. It was already considered an important crop in the Bronze Age. Slovenia has favorable conditions for cultivating rye, from which extremely delicious rye flakes are made.

  • Source of fiber
  • Source of protein
  • Contains less gluten than wheat

Using the organic flakes mix

Flakes are excellent for a nutritious breakfast.  Add them to yogurt, muesli, milk, smoothies, cottage cheese or fruit purees. They can be used in making bread, muffins, energy bars and other baked goods. Soak in water, milk or yogurt and let stand for a few minutes for the flakes to soften.

Ingredients: 100% organic rice, oat, rye and barley flakes

Contents: 500g

Origin: Slovenia

ORGANIC – the label means that the product contains at least 95 % organic ingredients (the products with this label must fulfil strict EU conditions).


Nutrition Information Organic Flakes Mix 500g

Nutrition Information Per 100g

  • Energy value kJ/kcal
    1471 kJ / 348,0, kcal
  • Fat g
  • of which saturates
  • Carbohydrates g
  • of which sugars g
  • Fibre g
  • Protein g
  • Salt g

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