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Homemade granola with raspberries 350g

Delicious homemade granola with raspberries to start your day in the best possible way. It is handmade, vegan and high in fiber, and will make sure you start your day full of energy and with a smile on your face.

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A breakfast you’ll never get tired of ...

Let's face it – we all want a breakfast that is quick to make, but also delicious, healthy, and keeps us full until the next meal ...

That's why we love breakfasts that are never boring and are infinitely customizable. One such option are different cereals – you can mix them with milk, yoghurt etc. and you're ready to start your day in no time.

Surveys confirm that cereals are a popular choice, and they come in many forms.

One type of cereal are delicious granolas.

Granola is a name for crunchy mueslis that, unlike regular mueslis, are usually baked and feature various dried fruits. Oat flakes are often the main ingredient, but other grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, as well as spices, sweeteners and other ingredients such as chocolate may be added.

But beware – when buying granola, it's a good idea to pay attention to the ingredients, as you can quickly end up with too much sugar on your plate, since sugar is often an ingredient in various breakfast cereals ...

Crunchy, delicious and with chosen ingredients

You can check whether the ingredients in the granola are good for you with a simple test ... Just read the product label and check if you recognize all the ingredients. You should also check what kind of sweetener is used in the granola.

That's exactly why Malinca’s homemade granola with raspberries is one of the best on the market. It is exactly as if it were made in your own kitchen, with familiar ingredients, vegan and sweetened with just a touch of agave syrup.

Malinca’s granola with raspberries is:

  • vegan,
  • high in dietary fiber,
  • free of coloring agents and artificial flavors,
  • handmade in Slovenia.

A crunchy experience that boosts your energy levels in the morning ...

Fans of fruit flavors will be delighted by the crunchy and delicious oat flakes paired with almonds, millet, carob and flaxseed.

The fruit flavor comes from the freeze-dried raspberries, which have retained their great taste and incredible color thanks to the special drying process. Freeze-drying is one of the few fruit drying processes in which the fruit retains its nutritional value and the vitamins and minerals that are naturally present in the fruit.

A touch of olive oil helps the granola bake nicely, so that it has a pleasant crunch, whereas a touch of agave syrup provides the granola’s natural sweetness.

High in dietary fiber

Did you know that legislation defines when a foodstuff can be considered high in dietary fiber?

Our granola with raspberries fulfils this requirement and then some, since it contains as much as 7.60g of fiber per 100g of product.  Dietary fiber is mainly complex carbohydrates, which are an important part of a balanced diet.

Thanks to its excellent ingredients, the granola is a popular breakfast or snack among all those people who want to start the day with a clear head, but it is also loved by athletes, students and even hikers as it is nutritious, keeps you full for a longer time and is a quick way to boost your energy levels.

It is definitely the perfect meal for all generations and for all those who have a sweet tooth but want a healthier breakfast. Moreover, the granola can be used as an ingredient for various desserts, smoothie bowls, granola bars and more. It also makes a great gift.

Using the granola with raspberries

Pour any type of milk, water or yoghurt over the granola for a tasty and nutritious breakfast. It's also great in smoothies and can be used as an ingredient in baked goods and desserts in a glass or for making granola bars.

Ingredients: oat flakes, agave syrup, olive oil, blanched almonds, extruded millet, ground carob, flaxseed, freeze-dried raspberries.

Store in a dry place at room temperature.

The product may contain traces of other nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts), milk, sesame or peanuts. Vegan.

Net quantity: 350g
Origin: Slovenia

Nutrition Information Homemade granola with raspberries 350g

Nutrition Information Per 100g

  • Energy value kJ/kcal
  • Fat g
  • of which saturates
  • Carbohydrates g
  • of which sugars g
  • Fibre g
  • Protein g
  • Salt g

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