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2585 Mango Butter 100g

The stunningly fragrant mango butter is made from mango pits and fruits - the source of its divine scent. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Great for hand and body care after showering. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, restores moisture and does not leave an oily film.

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This is love at first smell. ;)

The best product for the care of your hands and body after a shower. It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave an oily residue. Suitable for all skin types.

Mango butter is one of the most popular and sought after butters in the world. This stunningly fragrant mango butter is made from mango pits and fruits - the source of its divine scent. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals that make your skin glow. Mango butter is considered to be one of the most viscous natural exotic butters, as it restores the skin’s moisture. It does not leave such an oily feeling on the skin as shea butter.

That is exactly what makes it so special and different from other brands that offer scent-free mango butter. In the process of cold pressing the butter, both the cores of mango pits and the fruit itself are used, meaning that their fragrance is thus absorbed into the finished product. 

Close your eyes and imagine the smell and taste of this sweet tropical fruit…

Can you imagine wrapping yourself in its divine scent while providing the best nourishment to your skin?

Mango butter is a gentle, creamy butter which turns liquid in contact with the skin and is very easy to apply. It is a white-yellow in color and has a specific fruity and sweet mango scent that, however, not everyone finds appealing. If you love mango, then you will surely be impressed. 

  • 100% naturally fragrant butter: no perfumes, no parabens, no coloring agents.
  • 100% pure, unrefined
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan

Mango butter is used for sensitive, dry and damaged skin and is also great for nourishing allergy and rash prone skin, as well as and itchy skin after insect bites.

Ideal for skincare in the summer

Mango butter is great for body care after sun exposure. At the same time it also offers mild UV protection, which, however, does not suffice for mango butter to be used instead of a sunscreen!

Mango butter gives your skin a healthy and beautiful glow that will accompany you throughout the day. 

Mango butter is suitable for nourishing the skin, including sensitive baby skin, hair and lips. It is also used in homemade cosmetics. 

Once you smell it and try it for yourself, mango butter will become your constant companion.

Occasionally, mango butter is slightly grainy due to crystallization of stearic essential fatty acid, which features in vegetable fats in varying proportions. This creates density, the more stearic fatty acid the butter contains, the thicker it is. Stearic acid crystallizes slightly according to external conditions – cooling time, atmospheric temperature during transport, etc. The process is natural and similar to crystallization of honey. Upon warming (contact with warm skin), crystals dissolve again. The crystallization itself affects only the appearance (structure) of the butter and not its qualities and properties, which remain completely unchanged.

Using mango butter

Use mango butter about 3-4 times a week. In winter months and if your skin is very dry, use it daily. Apply it to the skin in a thin layer. 

Until then, the mango butter is solid. It melts and develops its true scent at about 28 degrees. Tip: keep it in the bathroom where it is warmer.

  • Body care: Apply to damp skin after taking a bath or shower. Massage into the skin, paying particular attention to the driest areas, such as elbows and heels.
  • For mature and dry skin: Apply the butter to damp face and décolletage after applying the hydrosol. It will replace your night cream. 
  • For skin care during and after sun exposure: It nourishes the skin and offers mild UV protection, which, however, does not suffice for mango butter to be used instead of a sunscreen!
  • For chapped lips: In the warmer months, it serves as a great lip balm replacement.
  • For hands: Before bed, apply a generous layer to your hands. It is great as it absorbs very fast, making the skin perfectly soft.
  • For massage: The butter dissolves in contact with the skin and is very easy to apply.
  • In pregnancy
  • For baby skin

Use it instead of a shaving cream and you will be surprised by how smoothly the razor glides and how nourished your skin will be afterwards.

It can also be used to make body butters, moisturizers, hair masks, massage candles and anti-cellulite products.

Ingredients INCI: 100% Mangifera Indica Seed Butter. 

Contents: 100g Mango butter 1

Responsible person: ZIN d.o.o., Gabrje pri Ilovi Gori 15, 1290 Grosuplje, Slovenia, EU
Registered name: Biopark – Mangovo maslo 100g – Mango Butter 100g

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